Sunday, 24 February 2013


My buy of the week goes to this sweat top, which was £10!!! It was in the ~fitness section in Primark and it was like a magnetic force when I saw it. I was wandering round aimlessly in town not long ago, and ended up scouring the 'sale' section in Primark. Call me tight (It'd be true anyway) but Primark is cheap quality and not-so-cheap prices. It's around £14-£16 for a dress these days, which I know in the long run IS cheap compared to the £40 you're charged in Topshop, but the material they're always made out of are nylon or something equally as sweat educing (and poor quality.)

Anyway, I spied this in the bit where all the gym clothes are, I have no idea who is wearing this to the gym though. It's a towel sort of material inside (???) but not very thick, so good for layering. This is only a size 8 and it's pretty big!

I wore it with a vest underneath and leggings yesterday, super comfortable and casual!

Ladyt T x

10 Things.

My favourite type of afternoon; A Sunday one.

1. I am 5'8 and have size 9 feet.

2. My favourite colour is orange, bu unfortunatley I can rarely wear it as it doesn't suit me.

3. I grew up just outside of Sheffield, but have since lived in Doncaster, York, and Sallebouef in the South of France.

4. I have hemophillia which means 99% of everything I own has blood on it, somewhere (So grim). If anyone knows a good trick to getting blood out of fabric/carpets, HOLLA AT ME. 

5. I am an only child, and have no blood family bar my Mum and Grandma.

6. I have a house rabbit called Truffle, she doesn't have a cage, she just roams the house. She has a little tray like a cat, and a big cardboard castle which she is renovating i.e destroying.

7. I have lost around 3st in the past year or so through various methods. I struggle to accept my body shape, but it's something I'm working on.

8. I'm lactose intolerant and regularly self inflict illness on myself from eating yogurts and chocolate. 

9. Bruce Springsteen is my entire life.

10. I put Marmite on absolutely everything. On its own, with crackers, on potatoes, with pasta, as a dip.. I buy a new jar every week.

Lady T x

Saturday, 2 February 2013

2013, HELLO!

I have been gone for quite a few months! I'm sure no one cares really, but I have secretly missed this little blog. I've been looking at it constantly, wondering where to start!

I'll start with what I wore today.

My head looks far too big for my body! Anyway I pretty much only ever buy things in the sale.. Call me tight, but clothes are extortionate and I'm not a snob, but I rarely shop in Primark as the quality is poor. So, I stick to sales.

There is a Next staff store where I work, basically, everything is under a fiver. EVERYTHING. I live in there. It's like a total SKIP, you have to be a dedicated rummage-r in order to find good stuff. I am kween of rummage though, I love it. I got the striped top for £2.50 (RRP £18) in there the other day, and I nipped into town earlier and bought this velvet skater skirt from Miss Selfridge, reduced to £10 from £22!

The floral detail on the neck is velvet as well. It's a really simple little outfit, but I think it's cute!

The necklace is from Accessorize and was a Christmas present from my mum. I love ANYTHING with the letter 'E' on it. I love this one especially because it's a lowercase E and I think they look nicer than capitals (lol werido)

Lady T x

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

#5 Things: Pet Peeves.

I have more than 5, actually. I have an infinite amount. Everything irritates me to be honest, and I let things get under my skin far too much. I should definitely just learn to 'get over it'. 
After a  lot of deliberation though, I managed to compile a 'Top 5' (I left out 'rudeness/general lack of manners' because everyone hates that.)

#1 My number one hate, ever. Religious symbols worn by 'atheist' angsty teenagers, desperately trying to be edgy by wearing what they believe to be ~blasphemous symbols. I once saw a photo of a girl wearing a pair of denim shorts (so short that her ass was hanging out, fyi) with huge images of Ganesha sewn onto each pocket. This girl quite clearly had no clue who Ganesha is, what he stands for, or how sacred he is. Either that, or she thought that by wearing it, it made her ~edgy. IT DOESN'T. It makes you ignorant and disrespectful.

The offending article. 
An upside down cross is a Catholic symbol, it's not a mark of the devil. Why wear such things but claim to be 'atheist'? It makes no sense to me, and it annoys me. If you don't know anything about religion, or have no interest in finding anything out about the symbols and deities that you adorn yourself in, don't wear them. 

#2 The whole, "I'm not racist but.." or "I'm not racist, my cousins girlfriend is black". Honestly, save yourself the embarrassment. Anyone who follows up "I'm not a racist" with the word 'but' is more than likely, a huge racist. To add, I find the word 'paki' to be the most offensive/vile word in the world.

#3 Bad driving. In particular; tailgaters and people who don't indicate to come off a roundabout. I purposely slow down if someone is tailgating me. How pointless is it to ram your cars bonnet into my tailgate? Completely. Chances are, I'm going as fast as I'm going because of the speed of the car in front of me, calm down. I'm not claiming to be a first class driver but DAMN at least I use my indicators.

#4 People who breath really loudly through their mouth whilst they're eating, as though consuming food is the most strenuous and exhausting task on the planet. It makes me feel slightly nauseous but I'm not sure why 

#5 When people are walking their dogs, and they're not on a leash or whatever and just come running/jumping up to you and the owner does NOTHING about it. I was once sat on a train, and a woman with a hideously ~designer dog was sat opposite me. The dog was by her feet and at one point was literally jumping up onto me and she was just laughing and 'aww'ing at it! I dislike dogs more than I can put into words, most of the time they terrify me. Granted, this one didn't scare me as it was about the size of my fist.. but really. Not everyone loves your over priced dog as much as you do. Please tell it to get the hell off me.

So, what are your pet peeves? I could have honestly put down about another 1,000. I am just far too easy to piss off!

Lady T x

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Holiday Bikinis!

Exactly 13 days today, I will be in Riveria Maya in Mexico and I have NEVER been so excited about anything! My last holiday was May 2011, and since then, I've lost just under 3st (I'll save that for another post!), so I've literally just had to start from scratch with my entire wardrobe as well as buy a whole new holiday one!

I've never been to Mexico, and I haven't been abroad ( 5 days in Berlin and 3 weeks in the South of France for work aside!) for over a year, so buying a new holiday wardrobe has never been more exciting. However, I am super, super, SUPER fussy with bikinis. I have no idea why. Most people will argue that apart from colour/pattern and style, they all fit and look the same.

They don't.

I have to try them on and stand and stare at myself for ages before I decide or not whether it suits me. It has took me an entire year to get together these 6, and I still need one more and have less than a fortnight to find it (super difficult as they're no longer readily shoppable on the high street.) so I'm panicking slightly!

I will admit I am a tiny bit snobby with bikinis. I think you pay for what you get, however I won't pay a ridiculous amount as I think it's absurd to pay £££ when you're going to drench it in chlorine and salt for 14 days! I tend to stay away from Primark as I find their swimwear appalling quality, and usually stick to a budget of around £25, which I think is reasonable.

So, these are my current 6!

From L-R. Brown bow bandeau bikini: Matalan. Pansy print bikini: Topshop. Palm tree print bikini; H+M, Black crochet bikini: Topshop, Orange tropical print bikini: New Look. Red floral bikini: Accessorize.

Looking at these, I think I have decided that my 7th bikini must be plain. The patterns on these are hurting my eyes!

Do you guys find bikini shopping difficult? What's your preference with style and colours? 
Any of you going on a winter holiday?!

Lady T x

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Ebay Finds: October '12

A few thing I've purchased so far this month from Ebay. I find it harder and harder these days to snag a bargain on there, due to postage prices ranging from unreasonable to the ridiculous. I know anything up to 750g (the weight of a jacket, roughly) is £2.20 2nd class, so I just hands down REFUSE to bid on something as lightweight as a vest when the postage is £4.75!

However, here are some bargains I managed to find in October. Prices are a rough estimate (give or take £1) and include the p+p costs.

L-R 'What Kate did next' woodland print satcher; £8, Office leather cowboy boots; £15, Max C floral dress: £3.50, Vintage Disneyland Paris shirt: £5.50

The dress, unfortunately  is a little short so I think I will have to sell it on. I really must start messaging sellers and asking for the length of dresses before bidding on them! I forget I'm 5'8. The amount of indecent dresses I've bought is ludicrous. I am insanely happy with the boots though, they fit like a dream and are so comfortable. I care very little for what's 'in' and what's not, I love cowboy boots and I think they're timeless.
Also super happy with the Disney shirt. I'm an ex-Disney Cast member so there is always room for Disney in my life.

What has been your best ever Ebay bargain?

Lady T x