Saturday, 20 October 2012

Ebay Finds: October '12

A few thing I've purchased so far this month from Ebay. I find it harder and harder these days to snag a bargain on there, due to postage prices ranging from unreasonable to the ridiculous. I know anything up to 750g (the weight of a jacket, roughly) is £2.20 2nd class, so I just hands down REFUSE to bid on something as lightweight as a vest when the postage is £4.75!

However, here are some bargains I managed to find in October. Prices are a rough estimate (give or take £1) and include the p+p costs.

L-R 'What Kate did next' woodland print satcher; £8, Office leather cowboy boots; £15, Max C floral dress: £3.50, Vintage Disneyland Paris shirt: £5.50

The dress, unfortunately  is a little short so I think I will have to sell it on. I really must start messaging sellers and asking for the length of dresses before bidding on them! I forget I'm 5'8. The amount of indecent dresses I've bought is ludicrous. I am insanely happy with the boots though, they fit like a dream and are so comfortable. I care very little for what's 'in' and what's not, I love cowboy boots and I think they're timeless.
Also super happy with the Disney shirt. I'm an ex-Disney Cast member so there is always room for Disney in my life.

What has been your best ever Ebay bargain?

Lady T x


  1. Wow you purchased some great things on Ebay, I will be definitely be trying Ebay again but this time for clothes lol.

    Follow I Follow Back!!!

  2. Hey, love the boots :---) x

  3. aaah i have never bought anything off ebay! i get so confused by the site i think it's done really badly... or maybe it's just me? idk! haha :)
    looove that disney shirt - so jealous!!

    1. It definitely takes a while to get the hang of it. Stick it out though, it is harder to find good stuff on there these days, but if you sit and scroll long enough, you'll find something! x

  4. Hey Babess!

    Your finds are AWESOME! I'm the same these days :( Most things I buy after postage are up in the £10 mark (unless I'm buying baby clothes for Liv). The boots are amazing, I'm desperate for some new winter boots and I HATE all the current styles in shops.

    Of course I love the shirt, Disney is my true calling


  5. LOVE that shirt, one of the teachers in my school has it too! I bought a genuine Miu Miu bag on eBay for just under £400. Sounds steep but the RRP was £895 and it came with all the original packaging, receipt etc. xo