Sunday, 21 October 2012

Holiday Bikinis!

Exactly 13 days today, I will be in Riveria Maya in Mexico and I have NEVER been so excited about anything! My last holiday was May 2011, and since then, I've lost just under 3st (I'll save that for another post!), so I've literally just had to start from scratch with my entire wardrobe as well as buy a whole new holiday one!

I've never been to Mexico, and I haven't been abroad ( 5 days in Berlin and 3 weeks in the South of France for work aside!) for over a year, so buying a new holiday wardrobe has never been more exciting. However, I am super, super, SUPER fussy with bikinis. I have no idea why. Most people will argue that apart from colour/pattern and style, they all fit and look the same.

They don't.

I have to try them on and stand and stare at myself for ages before I decide or not whether it suits me. It has took me an entire year to get together these 6, and I still need one more and have less than a fortnight to find it (super difficult as they're no longer readily shoppable on the high street.) so I'm panicking slightly!

I will admit I am a tiny bit snobby with bikinis. I think you pay for what you get, however I won't pay a ridiculous amount as I think it's absurd to pay £££ when you're going to drench it in chlorine and salt for 14 days! I tend to stay away from Primark as I find their swimwear appalling quality, and usually stick to a budget of around £25, which I think is reasonable.

So, these are my current 6!

From L-R. Brown bow bandeau bikini: Matalan. Pansy print bikini: Topshop. Palm tree print bikini; H+M, Black crochet bikini: Topshop, Orange tropical print bikini: New Look. Red floral bikini: Accessorize.

Looking at these, I think I have decided that my 7th bikini must be plain. The patterns on these are hurting my eyes!

Do you guys find bikini shopping difficult? What's your preference with style and colours? 
Any of you going on a winter holiday?!

Lady T x


  1. No, I'm not going on holiday any time soon (and probably won't be for the foreseeable future unless I can find someone who wants to do a city break or something lol) I lead a tragic life lol!

    I'm not fussy about bikini's (or wasn't, I won't be wearing one ever again lol) as I avoid all photographs while wearing one. I suffer from acute body dysmorphia (according to my health visitor) and cannot bare to see photos of myself with flesh out, it's definitely got worse since having Olivia as now I obsess over all photos of myself not just scantly clad ones.

    I adore the Topshop pansy bikini! It's so cute! From the weight loss photos I have seen of you, you have a gorgeous body and I'm sure you're going to look fineeeee in all of them :)


    1. Don't be silly, you are gorgeous! Before you had Olivia and now. Officially a MILF! haha
      I do know where you're coming from though, I stand and think "you're so fat, it is grim" and I know I'm not. Being the weight you thought was perfect in your head, never seems to make you as skinny as you imagined it to.. and it's just never enough! Being female sucks :(

      You have to come to the Donx though! Not sure if you're living above or below me at the moment? haha I reccomend Berlin for a city break as well :) xx