Saturday, 2 February 2013

2013, HELLO!

I have been gone for quite a few months! I'm sure no one cares really, but I have secretly missed this little blog. I've been looking at it constantly, wondering where to start!

I'll start with what I wore today.

My head looks far too big for my body! Anyway I pretty much only ever buy things in the sale.. Call me tight, but clothes are extortionate and I'm not a snob, but I rarely shop in Primark as the quality is poor. So, I stick to sales.

There is a Next staff store where I work, basically, everything is under a fiver. EVERYTHING. I live in there. It's like a total SKIP, you have to be a dedicated rummage-r in order to find good stuff. I am kween of rummage though, I love it. I got the striped top for £2.50 (RRP £18) in there the other day, and I nipped into town earlier and bought this velvet skater skirt from Miss Selfridge, reduced to £10 from £22!

The floral detail on the neck is velvet as well. It's a really simple little outfit, but I think it's cute!

The necklace is from Accessorize and was a Christmas present from my mum. I love ANYTHING with the letter 'E' on it. I love this one especially because it's a lowercase E and I think they look nicer than capitals (lol werido)

Lady T x

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  1. CHRIST EMMA you are a total skinny minnie, I MUST know your secret!

    Like you I try to only buy clothes in the sale or when it's on offer (with discount codes) I just can't justify full price clothes with Liv around!

    I love your outfit today :)

    Amy x