About Me

I am Lady T, (more formally referred to as 'Emma Tabb') and I am a 21 year old female from Yorkshire. My accent and the size of my feet is the main topic of conversation for people when they first meet me.. both are acceptably uncommon, in all fairness.

My life has very little direction at the moment, but I'm mostly fine with that. I'm working a bog standard job, for a slightly higher than average wage and living with my parents whilst doing so. It means I have a good amount of money to squander (I am 10/10 at frivolity) which is fortunate, as I have an allergy to dairy and as Starbucks insist on charging me an extra 35p for soy milk, my wages can just about cover my cappuccino addiction.

This blog is a dumping ground for the bits of my life that no one in real life cares about. My shoe collection, how many cakes I have eaten in the space of 3 days, ebay hauls etc. 

I really like cats, in addition to shopping, coffee and cake.

PS, anything featured on this blog was bought by me, with my own money, that I earned through working 38hrs a week. NO H8RZ PLS.

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